What’s In My Wallet: December 2019

How are we already at the end of 2019? Even though we’ve grown quite a lot in the last year. However, it wouldn’t be the end of the year without some fireworks! Best of all, I’m not even talking about the fireworks on New Years Ever either, but rather credit card fireworks in the form of two big updates


First and foremost, this may seem like old news, but it actually isn’t; let me explain. I just got the replacement Walmart card from Capital One in the mail. No, I didn’t apply for a new card. Instead, I’ve held the Walmart card for a number of years. With Walmart switching over to Capital One for its payments processor, they sent out new cards.

If you were to apply for the card, you would have received a Capital One card a long time ago, months to be more specific. If you’ve already had the card, you had to wait months to get the card. Guess which boat I’m in! Luckily, the portfolio changing hands did not create a new account. 

The second big update involves a credit limit increase on the Blue Cash Preferred. Because it has been 6 months since I last asked for a credit limit increase, it was time to see what American Express would give me. To my surprise, they still bumped up my credit limit. This tie I went from $25,500 all the way to an even $30,000

Cards In My Wallet

  1. Chase Sapphire Reserve
  2. Chase Freedom
  3. Blue Cash Preferred
  4. Discover IT
  5. World of Hyatt


  • Chase Pay / Samsung Pay: Chase Freedom (5%)
  • Everything Else: Chase Sapphire Reserve

With Q4 coming to an end, I am finishing up the Chase Freedom quarter. This last quarter has been one of the easiest for me as the reward category includes Chase Pay. Because Chase Pay and Samsung Pay have a partnership, I can use Samsung Pay anywhere through Chase Pay, and it’ll count as a 5% purchase. From time to time, you’ll come across a place that will still give errors when using Samsung Pay, and for those situations, I just bust out the Sapphire Reserve.

Next Card

The next card I’m looking to apply for is the IHG credit card. Unlike my other applications, I actually don’t have a set schedule for when I’m planning to apply. The problem is I’m waiting to close on a house, so when that happens, I will run out and apply for this card, but until then, I’ll just have to sit around and wait.

The IHG card has an $89 annual fee and comes with a few key benefits. The first benefit is available right away, and that is the top tier status that can be used to match to different hotel loyalty programs. The second benefit that makes it a long term keeper card is the anniversary night every single year thereafter. 

Final Thoughts

I could not have asked for a better quarter in regards to the Chase Freedom card. I’m a huge proponent of contactless payments, so I love either using Samsung Pay or tapping the card itself. It’s just so quick, easy, and secure. While Chase Pay is a little slow to load, it works just about anywhere if paying with Samsung Pay. This means I can use it on just about any purchase. 

As far as the Blue Cash Preferred, I’m pretty excited about that card as well. In the last 10 months I’ve been able to almost 4x my limit, and now I’m sitting at a cool 30,000. How crazy is that? While I could always push this limit further, I’m pretty happy where I’m at now too. If anything, I might try to 35,000, but really, it may make sense to leave the potential credit limit available for any future credit cards from American Express. Who knows what the future will bring? 

Are you sad to see the Chase Pay app disappear? We probably wont get another easy Chase Pay quarter anymore. Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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