What’s in my Wallet: September 2018

All good things have to come to an end at some point. For me, those good things are any sort of excitement towards my credit profile. September did not include any sort of new credit cards, credit changes, or even credit limit increases. However, since there wasn’t any bad news, I guess I can’t complain too much.

Cards In My Wallet

  • Blue Cash Preferred
  • Chase Freedom
  • Discover IT NHL
  • Citi Double Cash 


  • Grocery: Amex Blue Cash Preferred (6%)
  • Gas: Chase Freedom (5%)
  • Restaurant: Discover IT NHL (5%)
  • Everywhere else: Discover IT NHL (1%) or Citi Double Cash

The upgrade bonus on my Blue Cash Preferred has been me! Therefore, for September, we switched back to the standard strategy for the remainder of Q3. That would be Groceries on the Blue Cash Preferred at 6%, Gas on the Chase Freedom at 5%, Restaurants on the Discover IT NHL at 5%, and every other purchase going on the Discover IT NHL or the Citi Double Cash card. 

Next Card

This is it! With only one month to go until the Chase Sapphire Reserve Application I’m definitely nervous. I’ve been building my credit report as best as I can in the fastest way possible. If I don’t get approved for the card, then at the very least I’ve done everything I can to not only boost up my credit, but also get some cards that are actually pretty useful to me and my spending situation. 

Final Thoughts

This month isn’t anything crazy in the way of new credit activities, but it is one month away from the credit card application I’ve been waiting all year for! It’s hard to contain my excitement, but the best way to go about it is just by using the credit cards that benefit me the most. And honestly, with the categories the way they are right now, I’m earning 5%+ back on most of my purchases! That isn’t something I can complain too much about. 

The only disappointment I have is not being able to get Discover to push me above the 10k threshold. But with Care Credit boosting me to 12k, last month, I still think I’m in a good spot. 

Which cards are you using and what is your current setup? Let us know down in the comment section below !

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