Wyndham and Doordash Parter Up

Wyndham hotels may not be one of those hotel chains that we talk about too often, but they have some pretty interesting things going on for them. Now it looks like they are partnering with Doordash!

The News

Do you have a Doordash account? There are three different rewards opportunities for you. 

  1. If you are staying at a Wyndham hotel, you can get a free DoorDash delivery when using the promo code WRD.
  2. Every time you place an order on Doordash (not necessarily staying at a Wyndham hotel), you can receive 250 Wyndham points on every order placed inside of the U.S. In order to get those points, you have to order using a certain link
  3. If you are a new DoorDash customer, you can get 2,000 Wyndham points for your first order, and $5 off the first order when using the promo code WR5

Final Thoughts

If you have been contemplating using DoorDash, this might be a good way to sign up and start using the service, especially if you have a Wyndham account where you can also receive points. If you stick with DoorDash, technically you could earn free nights at Wyndham, though I’d imagine that may take a while. 

What are your thoughts on this partnership? Let us know below!

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